Cloth Nappies – Terry Squares

When Original is still the best !

Bright Bots 100% Cotton Terry Towelling cloth nappies are simple to use, very economical, easy to wash and quick to dry and a birth to potty option with the 60cms sizing.

There are many, many cloth nappy options now available with various styles, shapes, poppers and velcro so many that it can get rather confusing knowing where to start and how much to spend.

The Original cotton terry towels our grand parents used to use may seem a little out dated in comparison but do not be fooled. Terry nappies were used for many years before single use disposables came on the scene so why “re-invent the wheel” with modern washing powders and automatic washing machines terries are so much easier to wash and dry are still one of the lowest cost options available and will fit any baby.

There is no need to soak in a bucket – Just remove solids down the toilet, put in a bucket or storage bag until washday then do a rinse and then full wash program.

There is no need to use pins – there are now simple to use Nappy Nippas

The days of noisy plastic over pants are gone – now you can use a modern cloth wrap or even wool cover over.

Many who use modern cloth nappies will use terries as a night time option as they can last for 6 – 12 hours with the right fold and adding boosters.

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